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Truemen. The world’s first recruitment consultancy to be Six Sigma compliant, the world's youngest HR company to be ISO certified, and a company which has a clientele of the best companies around. You would not expect a dyed in the wool HR and recruitment firm to get involved in software development, but then, this is where an HR twist came into play!

I had invested in an internet company called Blueleaf. Two years ago, my fellow co-founder Raju Monga called me and told me he wanted Truemens’ expertise in creating a top of the line HR product called Weballigator. I was intrigued. While domain experts contributing to HR products is old hat, what Raju wanted was different. Although a serial entrepreneur himself, Raju felt that there was something missing in HR products around the world. This according to him was a major reason for their inability to contact with the masses.

His reasoning was sound, but since he was not a HR professional he could not pinpoint the problem. HR is probably one of the best subjects that has come out in the late 20th century. In a world where people matter, HR is the perfect engine to ensure that 'Human Resources' are not only used effectively, but also in a manner that benefits the employee. The World Bank estimates that the service sector constitutes 35% of low income countries, 52% of middle income countries, and 66% of high income countries. As services depend on people, the importance of HR can only grow. Read Full Article

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Weballigator is part of Blueleaf Software Technologies, a 4 year old Company. Blueleaf is a certified NASSCOM 10,000 Startup Company. NASSCOM, the National Association of Software Companies, has only certified 10% of Startupts in the last 5 years.

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