Surveys have shown that over 53% of the SMB’s (Small and Medium Business) have realised that those of them who adopt online business systems for their Companies have a large competitive advantage over their rivals!


In a detailed interaction with over 4,000 SMB’s, a major pain point was found to be real-time attendance. Biometric and punch card systems register employee attendance very well. but if you want to see location of your staff online, anytime, weballigator is the system for you


We offer another unique feature - GPS attendance. This is another major pain point for the staff on the move, or even staff who are supposed to be in a location and are absent. You can view the location of the employee anywhere in the world.



  • Online attendance
  • Connects to bio-metric or punchcard
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited shift creaton with flexi-shifts
  • Just 30 minutes to set up

GPS Attendance

  • See location on google maps
  • login on mobile or other devices
  • Gives address of location as well
  • Gives time and date of location

Leave Management

  • Create any type of leave
  • Employees can apply online
  • Approvals done online
  • Automatically pulls data from attendance


  • Create any type of allowances
  • Create any type of deductions
  • Real time monitoring of loans and advances
  • Real time salary statements
  • Employee can generate salary from personal login


Online attendance

  • Default with one or all modules
  • 32 field employee data
  • Access controls for location and modules
  • Highly flexible reporting and department structures
  • Upload HR documents to be seen by all